The purest of air

If you have been searching for the purest air on the planet, Look no further. You have just found it!

New Zealand has one of the most pristine environments on earth, with clear blue sky's, low population and geographical location, it has some of the cleanest air on the planet.

Our bottled air is of the most immaculate quality, free from toxins and impurities and collected right here in New Zealand.

When it comes to your health why risk it? Life is Priceless!

At PURE KIWI AIR we provide our customers with the best and freshest necessity of life.

Medical grade air.

Air collection

Our air is collected in New Zealand with clean compression technology cooled filtered, balanced and tested for purity.

Our bottles do not contain lead like a lot of other products out there and are FDA approved.


We bottle our air using volumetric compression in a proper facility, which gives a precise and accurate amount of air in each bottle and fills them with the maximum amount of air every time.

4.0 Litre

Pocket Size
80-100 one second inhalations
Coming soon

7.7 Litre

Two in one facemask
Lasts up to 150 one second inhalations
Weighs 115g
Dimensions 6.2cm x 22.0cm

9.0 Litre

Two in one facemask
Lasts up to 180 one second inhalations
Weighs 135g
Dimensions 6.2cm x 26.5cm

Dual Display

7.7L Display

9.0L Display

Benefits of Pure Kiwi Air


Exposure to fine particle air pollution is related to a number of serious health effects, such as early death, increased hospital admissions, asthma attacks, low birth weight, and indicators of both respiratory and heart disease. While it may not be possible to completely control your exposure to fine particles outdoors, Pure kiwi Air can definitely help limit your exposure and protect your health.


There are a number of clear-cut examples of where lower exposure to fine particles results in improved health.

When you breath in clean air it affects every cell in you whole body, there are 3 main elements for the body to recover, Proper nutrition, clean water and clean air.

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